cropped-img_0577-e1492878949177I trained as a primary school teacher, took a gap year in the US as an au pairĀ and now I live full-time in London with a long list of future travel plans and the itchiest of itchy feet.
Posting mostly travel tips, advice, recommendations and funny travel anecdotes alongside a lot of my favourite photographs.

Next stops:

  • Oslo
  • Windermere
  • Gdansk
  • Marrakech
  • South East Asia & Singapore

Why ‘the Second Suitcase’?

Before I moved to America I had to make a decision: do I take one suitcase or do I pay the extra $100 to take a second? After changing my mind a thousand times, I realised it was about so much more than just luggage – it was about whether I am more practical or more sentimental, more untethered or more attached. In the end I took the second suitcase, and the photographs, sentimental knick-knacks and childhood teddy bear I would have to leave behind otherwise made it more than worth it. These days I am much better at packing light, but the name ‘the Second Suitcase’ is a reminder to never get too detached, and to always hold on to that little part of home wherever I may be.