Let’s Talk London: what to do this bank holiday

There aren’t many things in this world more satisfying than a three-day weekend. So, in celebration of May bank holiday, here are three things to do in London this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

One: Eat your way around the world at Dinerama

xcIt doesn’t matter what you are craving – whether it’s sweet or salty, Thai or Swedish – you can find it at Dinerama, near Old Street station. There are a number of Street Feast locations across the city, but this one is pretty central and a lot of the food stalls have pun-based names, so I am sold immediately. Why not try some crab meat fries from Prawnography, or a crispy duck burger from Duck n Roll? Not only is the food great (and the puns even better) but Street Feast revitalises derelict and disused locations and brings something really new and exciting to what would otherwise be an empty warehouse, carpark or rooftop.

Two: Fall down the rabbit hole at Alice’s Adventure’s Underground

IMG_5469Back for it’s second run, after a hugely successful 2015 show, Alice’s Adventures Underground is back in Waterloo and it’s bigger and better than ever before. If you love Alice in Wonderland you will fall head over heels for this show: it’s interactive, incredibly funny and you won’t be able to take your eyes away from the sets and costumes. The attention to detail is amazing: from the colour-changing cocktails at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, to the maze made entirely from book pages, to the ‘eat me, drink me’ room that appears to grow and shrink. I also loved the fact that every single person will have a different experience depending on the choices they make. How about you: will you choose eat me or drink me? Which card will you pick from the deck and what suit will you be? Will you be chosen to escort the 10 of clubs to the jam tart kitchen, or the 3 of diamonds to the mirror room? Every decision you make can affect where the story will take you, and that uncertainty is so exciting. There really is something for everyone at Alice Underground; from puppetry, to dance numbers, to gin cocktails, to aerial gymnastics and age really is no object here. Buy a ticket, follow the White Rabbit, let nonsense overwhelm you, then drink the night away with Alice-themed cocktails in the Wonderland Bar.

Three: Find a bargain at Rumble in the Jumble

500x9999Not only is this an opportunity to buy clothes previously worn by Florence Welch, Bastille, Fearne Cotton or Mark Ronson but it is also for a good cause. Need I say any more? Rumble in the Jumble at the Oval Space is a massive vintage fair/jumble sale/all round party in aid of Oxfam’s refugee appeal and after raising £33,000 last year they are hoping for even more this time round. There will be live DJs, hot food and the chance to see some celebrity stall holders: simply head down to Bethnal Green with £5 cash and some quality jumble to donate at the door – but make sure to get there early, it opens at 12pm and will undoubtedly be incredibly busy. Added bonus for any Corrie fans: Roy’s cardigan is going to be up for sale, alongside a certificate of authentication and a signed photograph from the man himself!

Bonus: Get away from the hustle and bustle at the Hill Garden & Pergola

16908654_783747198439763_3494521877496332288_nLondon can be overwhelming at the best of times, but bank holidays are on a whole new level. If you need a moment to step away from the crowds and breathe, head towards Hampstead Heath to the Hill Garden & Pergola. It’s so incredibly underrated and if you time it right you can walk along the terraces and through the gardens without seeing a soul. It’s a wonderfully peaceful place to take photographs, read a book or just walk around aimlessly. Make sure to go all the way to the end of the summer pavillion and don’t forget to look through the gates at the enormous Inverforth House.


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